Defensive Cycling (Ticket Dismissal): Texas

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Course Length
5 hours

Allan Dunlop

18 Jan 2023



For tickets issued in Austin, TX / Travis County, TX / San Marcos, TX / Houston, TX / Waller County, TX.  

> Dismiss your cycling traffic ticket and have your fine waived.

> Increase your comfort in traffic.

> Learn the laws, including your rights.

> Get more accommodation from drivers.

Whether you are new to cycling or an experienced rider, you will take away valuable techniques for increasing your comfort and competence in traffic. Through the training, you will learn the laws that apply to you, helping you avoid a ticket in the future.

This course is offered in conjunction with BikeAustin, Austin Municipal Court, Travis County Court, San Marcos Municipal Court, Houston Municipal Courts, and the Waller County Court.

  • Cost: $35
  • Duration: Approximately 5 hours
  • Access period: 1 year

Here's how you can take part in this 'ticket dismissal' option:

  1. Complete and submit a Deferred Disposition form through the court, along with the payment of the court fee and any other associated charges.
  2. Sign up here for the online course using the blue 'Add to Cart' button.
  3. Complete the course with a passing grade.
  4. A Certificate of Completion will be prepared and emailed directly to the court, or sent to you to deliver to the court (depending on the jurisdiction).
  5. Once the certificate is processed, the fine will be waived and the ticket dismissed.

For more information on the course and on court procedures, visit

INTRODUCTION (7 min. / 10 min. optional)
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BIKE HANDLING SKILLS (15 min. core / 14 min. optional)
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BEING AN MVP-C (22 min. / 0 min.)
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EQUIPMENT (31 min. / 9 min.)
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SUMMARY (2.5 min.)
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Added 4 days ago, by Andrew
Added 8 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 23 days ago, by Anonymous
Good course. It provides a good review of rules and recommendations that you may have forgotten or not thought of in a while. Emphasizes positive attitude, good communication and treating other how you would want to be treated.
Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
Some of the slides did not have volume, enjoyed the courses best on legal info and adjusting the bike
Added 2 months ago, by Diya
Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Excellent. Would highly recommend.
Added 3 months ago, by Morgan
Added 4 months ago, by Jorge
Added 5 months ago, by Neal
My bike is my primary transportation and exercise. I have years experience in the saddle as an urban commuter. This course has made me a better cyclist, many others need to take this course. Also the Director is attentive and responsive.
Added 5 months ago, by Anonymous

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Ticket dismissal course – important information

  • In order for a certificate to be issued, you must provide your complete and correct Court case (’cause’) number.
    • Austin: AMC000##### (Search for your case number here. )
    • Houston: 4-digit year + ‘TR’ + 7-digit number — e.g., 2022TRXXXXXXX
    • San Marcos: 4-digit year + 6-digit number — e.g., 2022XXXXXX
    • Travis County: ‘J5-CR’ (‘Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5’) + 2-digit year + 6-digit number — e.g., J5-CR-22XXXXXX
    • Waller County: ‘T’ + two-digit year + 4-digit number + JP1 — e.g., T22-XXXX-JP1
  • Without this number, a certificate cannot be issued. A traffic citation/ticket number cannot be accepted. We cannot be responsible for any delay in submission of your Certificate of Completion if the necessary information is not provided.
  • It is your responsibility to successfully complete the course (with a score of 80% or greater) in advance of your certificate submission deadline:
    • No later than 7 days before the deadline for Austin or Houston.
    • No later than 14 days before the deadline for Travis County or San Marcos. See below for details.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion will be prepared and delivered within five (5) business days. You will be copied on this email:
    • Austin, Houston and Waller County, TX: A PDF version of the certificate will be emailed directly to the Court. You will be copied on this email.
    • Travis County & San Marcos, TX: A PDF version of the certificate along with an accompanying letter will be emailed to you, which you must print out (the certificate must be in color) and mail or take in to the Court.
  • Once the certificate is processed by the Court, the fine will be waived and the ticket dismissed.
  • You have full access to this course for one year from the date of purchase. This is independent of the Court deadline.
  • Completing the course after the completion / certificate submission deadline is not cause for a refund.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us by email, phone or text.


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